Wednesday, 30 September 2009

feeling good

As a vegetarian I feel strongly about the treatment of animals. Recently I sent off for a booklet from (I can't post links, stupid computer!)which lists all the companies which do and don't test on animals. Well worth a look for anyone who cares in the slightest about animals suffering just so we can look pretty, and clean our homes.
To my horror I owned and used loads of products that do. Yesterday I threw everything out from these companies and went shopping for some new non animal tested essentials.
I got shampoo and conditioner by a brand called Naked Bodycare available in Boots ( which smells lovely and has left my hair soft and shiny), moisturizer, body lotion, deoderant and mascara from Marks and Spencers (surprisingly cheap!) , nail varnish from Barry M, and some foundation from Urban Decay....Oh and I bought some faux suede wedge boots on ebay as I am no longer purchasing leather goods. I own quite a few vintage leather bags and shoes but as they are over 30 years old I feel it is too late and not feeding the market and most of those companies are no longer in existence.

I have also found time to do my first Christmas card design, but I feel it is too early to show. I can show you the new Giant Noobs I have made...................

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Artyplum said...

Hi, I'm a veggie too and also have one of those books which I find so useful! Thanks for the extra info about Boots and M&S, I didn't know about them. I make and sell kOodles, strangely similar to your Noobs, AND I've just been on holiday to Cornwall, weird...!

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