Sunday, 28 June 2009

this week

I have been working away on some little chaps who are greetings cards, for my stall..

I love it when the allotment starts to produce it's tasty treats, and it is time to start harvesting. It makes all the effort of the winter months digging and clearing worth it. This week we have had, Broad beans, black currants, red currants, gooseberries, raspberries and the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

fun stuff

This week I have been off work and it has been so so nice to be away from that place let me tell you. I have had time to be myself and get some crafting done.
I have been making some larger sized noobs, and i like how they have turned out, i have put a normal sized one in the photo to show a sense of scale of the new guys.

some little pictures i have painted for my stall too

I went round some charity shops the other day, while out with my mum and saw this bed frame which made me smile.

The girl who used to have it, has written stuff on the underneath (i think it must have been a bunk bed she shared with her sister) and it reminded me of the sort of stuff i used to write down in anger in my diary when i was a moody teenager.

It seems she hates winter/christmas time.........

......oh and hates summer too!

yep sounds exactly like how i used to be.....and still am sometimes!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

new additions

Here are a couple more creatures I have made, and an example of a lil painting, I am hoping to do a few of these for my stall too at the Candy floss craft fair on 18th July, Millenium Gallery, Sheffield 10am-4pm. I've still got a lot to do, but these guys have settled in nicely with their friends, while awaiting their new homes!
Started work on some cushions, bags,purses,phone holders,cards ans much to do!

Friday, 5 June 2009

crafting fun

I have been working away, creating things for my little craft stall, i have sent of for some of my designs to be made into fabrics thanks to spoonflower. I am going to make bags and purses out of them, I do hope the fabric turns out ok.
In the meantime I have been focusing on Noobs and doozers, here's some pics of the ones I've made so far...

I also made a simple card for my mum's birthday, she liked it...
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