Sunday, 13 January 2008

I know I know!

my christmas card designs and stuff 1've been up to

It has been a long time, and i am sorry for that, but i have been busy being creative, in between munching chocolate and braving the horrible weather.

I got lots of cute things for christmas which made me happy, like two new additions to my strawberry shortcake collection (which hasn't been added to since i was 7yrs old!) and a book called happy kitty bunny pony which is just the cutest kitchest collection of images of animals ever!
I love my books which have page after page of lovely pictures, my other favorites at the moment are by Camilla Rose Garcia who paints fantasy worlds with cute characters that have a disturbing dark and drippy side, and of course Junko Misuno who is just amazing!

That has reminded me i have got the best mary-jane ankle strap anime girl shoes and legwarmers with pompoms! as soon as it stops raining, and i no longer run the risk of getting splashed by large trucks and mean people in cars covering me in waves of filthy water i shall wear them and tootle along full of joy!
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