Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tai Sun Fun!

I had to go into town today, and couldn't resist popping into Tai Sun Chinese Supermarket. I love it in there everything is in such super fun happy cute packaging...these crisps were my favorite

Mr Golden Mushroom rabbit was pretty good too

Even the boxes of juice look amazing (hopefully they taste amazing too, I haven't tried it yet), This one is Coconut....yummy.

I couldn't resist this little guy either, I think he was left over from the Beijing Olympics, i like him.

Then in Forbidden Planet I bought the best figures ever from my all time favorite artist Junko Mizuno. Kid Robot has released little mini figures from her book Pure Trance.
It was a game of chance though, where you have to buy the box sealed and you don't know which figure you are going to get. I hate that because there is only ever usually a couple that you like, and the rest are stinkers and I always end up with one of the rubbish ones. I know you are supposed to collect the whole set (which always involves spending loads of money, and getting the same ones over and over in the process) but I only want the girl figures and the animal ride.......It was a tense moment opening my chosen box.........It was twins! Yey double fun! the best!

Here are the other figures in the collection.......

......I would have been really upset if I had got brain/spine thing or sausage eating boy.

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut.........

......and I walked past the shop (Park View Interiors, Millhouses) that is selling my stuff. They had made a tiny window display with my items ....thanks guys.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

flower meadow fun

Today I took some of my noobs, doozers, greetings cards and canvases to Park View Interiors at 8, Terminus Rd, Millhouses, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S7 2LH Tel: 0114 235 2815. The lovely couple who own it are going to sell them there for me. As from today a selection of things are on sale in the shop. It's a beautiful little shop which sells furniture (as well as restoring old furniture), cards, vases, jewellery and lovely things for the home and has a little Coffee shop in the back. It's located just opposite Millhouses Park and is well worth a visit.

I am in the process of setting up my etsy shop so watch this space, I'll let you know when items are up for sale......

Yesterday I went on a trip out with my mum. We went to Grantham in the morning. I have never been there before, it's quite a small town with loads of charity shops all on the one main road, so i dragged my mum round all of those. My favorite find was an elephant cup for 39P. Grantham charity shops keep there pricing to a reasonable barginus level unlike some of our Sheffield ones who get a bit to big for their boots.

Then in the afternoon we went to a wildflower reserve, and walked round fields of beautiful wild flowers. Saw butterflies and dragonflies and had a nice ice-cream.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Let me eat cake!

It is my birthday today hooray!
My mum made me the tastiest of all cakes, a chocolate cake, decorated with peppermint flavour double cream and After eights with mint aero chocolate cream! yummy!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The day of craft candy

Well it finally arrived, the day of the Candyfloss Craft Fair. I had so much fun doing it. Here I am with my little stall packed with goodies.

I sold more than I expected and it was good to see what was most popular for next time. It seems that Phone holders,Greetings cards, Pictures and big head Noob cousins were the best sellers. Thankyou to everyone who came down to see me and bought something I really appreciated the support.
I met loads of really nice people and there were so many lovely stalls to buy things from. The lady who had the stall next to me had some beautiful sketch books covered in vintage tea towels,I'm a fan of a nice sketch book and wish I'd bought one now. I did buy a ring which is a pale pink rose bud hand knitted by the talented Kandy Diamond of
All in all a good day, and I hope i get a stall for the next one at Christmas time, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

bags of fun

EEK! my fabrics arrived last week from spoonflower, and I am really pleased with how they turned out.

I have been really busy turning them into bags ready for the craft fair. Here are the results...

I finished my collection of ten individual canvases for my stall for the craft-candy craft fair. Each one is a little hand painted doozer on a white A5 sized canvas.

The allotment has provided some tasty treats this week. We got rained on while we were there, but it was so much fun picking all the berries hanging like little glistening jewels.
We dug up our first few potato plants and harvested some more broad beans, both of which have provided part of our teas twice this week. There are plans a foot for the black currants which are going to be made into home-made Ribena(yum), and black currant jam. The red currants have already been made into red currant jelly. It's like brambley hedge at our house!

We got another Guinea Pig on Saturday to join our lonely boy, who was left on his own due to his pal going to Guinea heaven. We have two others but they bullied him, so now he has a brand new friend. We got him from a great guy at PETe and PETs If anyone ever wants a Guinea Pig you should go to him. He is a lovely man who takes in un wanted Guinea pigs as well as breeding them and offers them for re-homing for a small donation to his sanctuary. He is based in Hackenthorpe Sheffield. There were so many little cuties there I could have scooped them all up and taken them home!

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