Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tai Sun Fun!

I had to go into town today, and couldn't resist popping into Tai Sun Chinese Supermarket. I love it in there everything is in such super fun happy cute packaging...these crisps were my favorite

Mr Golden Mushroom rabbit was pretty good too

Even the boxes of juice look amazing (hopefully they taste amazing too, I haven't tried it yet), This one is Coconut....yummy.

I couldn't resist this little guy either, I think he was left over from the Beijing Olympics, i like him.

Then in Forbidden Planet I bought the best figures ever from my all time favorite artist Junko Mizuno. Kid Robot has released little mini figures from her book Pure Trance.
It was a game of chance though, where you have to buy the box sealed and you don't know which figure you are going to get. I hate that because there is only ever usually a couple that you like, and the rest are stinkers and I always end up with one of the rubbish ones. I know you are supposed to collect the whole set (which always involves spending loads of money, and getting the same ones over and over in the process) but I only want the girl figures and the animal ride.......It was a tense moment opening my chosen box.........It was twins! Yey double fun! the best!

Here are the other figures in the collection.......

......I would have been really upset if I had got brain/spine thing or sausage eating boy.

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut.........

......and I walked past the shop (Park View Interiors, Millhouses) that is selling my stuff. They had made a tiny window display with my items ....thanks guys.

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P. LaRoque said...

Nice Cleopatra style hairdo. Looks indeed very good on you! Cheers!

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