Wednesday, 15 July 2009

bags of fun

EEK! my fabrics arrived last week from spoonflower, and I am really pleased with how they turned out.

I have been really busy turning them into bags ready for the craft fair. Here are the results...

I finished my collection of ten individual canvases for my stall for the craft-candy craft fair. Each one is a little hand painted doozer on a white A5 sized canvas.

The allotment has provided some tasty treats this week. We got rained on while we were there, but it was so much fun picking all the berries hanging like little glistening jewels.
We dug up our first few potato plants and harvested some more broad beans, both of which have provided part of our teas twice this week. There are plans a foot for the black currants which are going to be made into home-made Ribena(yum), and black currant jam. The red currants have already been made into red currant jelly. It's like brambley hedge at our house!

We got another Guinea Pig on Saturday to join our lonely boy, who was left on his own due to his pal going to Guinea heaven. We have two others but they bullied him, so now he has a brand new friend. We got him from a great guy at PETe and PETs If anyone ever wants a Guinea Pig you should go to him. He is a lovely man who takes in un wanted Guinea pigs as well as breeding them and offers them for re-homing for a small donation to his sanctuary. He is based in Hackenthorpe Sheffield. There were so many little cuties there I could have scooped them all up and taken them home!


olorintheyoung said...

He looks right at home already!
Lucky Tufty!
OLLY alias PETe (& PETs) x

Louise Broomhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
P. LaRoque said...

Do you make those bags? They are cute!

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