Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm Back

I am back, and with new artwork!
hopefully i will be a regular blogger from now on. i have had some life chaanging events happen recently, but am a little more settled and a lot more creative!
here's my most recent picture. I hope you like her.

If you do like her then you may like these......

these beauties are all available from my shop at more lovely products avilable soon.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

i am bad

I have done no new craftyness. but i was in a tiny three minute film, so i guess that counts as being creative.

I saw a small child kicking pigeons today, as they were trying to eat the smallest scrap of food. I would like to kick that child while she was trying to eat her chicken nuggets and see how she liked it.

Friday, 29 February 2008

2D noobs

here is my latest crafty offering, it's my mothers day card for my mum. I really wasn't in the mood for painting so i did a little collage instead, and i'm quite pleased with the results, maybe it will lead to more 2D noobs, who knows! i knew that roll of vintage wallpaper i got from a carboot for 50p 5 years ago would come in useful!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

hammerhead noobs

I know no one bothers to read this blog, as no one really knows it's here, and that's kind of the point, it's mainly for me. So i don't feel that bad that i have been rubbish lately with my postings. But i am disappointed about my lack of crafting and creativeness of late. All i have done is this very hammerhead noobs which i made as a one off gift. I wasn't sure at first, but now i am really fond of him, he has gone to live with his brothers, and i am a little sad, so i may make another to stay here in the bungalow.

I bought myself a couple of junko mizuno figures with a little money i had squirreled away from christmas. I love them !

Talking of squirrels, here's a cute chap, and a kitten too, from my happy kitty bunny pony book!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

I know I know!

my christmas card designs and stuff 1've been up to

It has been a long time, and i am sorry for that, but i have been busy being creative, in between munching chocolate and braving the horrible weather.

I got lots of cute things for christmas which made me happy, like two new additions to my strawberry shortcake collection (which hasn't been added to since i was 7yrs old!) and a book called happy kitty bunny pony which is just the cutest kitchest collection of images of animals ever!
I love my books which have page after page of lovely pictures, my other favorites at the moment are by Camilla Rose Garcia who paints fantasy worlds with cute characters that have a disturbing dark and drippy side, and of course Junko Misuno who is just amazing!

That has reminded me i have got the best mary-jane ankle strap anime girl shoes and legwarmers with pompoms! as soon as it stops raining, and i no longer run the risk of getting splashed by large trucks and mean people in cars covering me in waves of filthy water i shall wear them and tootle along full of joy!
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