Wednesday, 6 January 2010

London calling....

Here are a few shots from London. We were pretty ill so didn't take many photos. It had to be something really special to warrant getting out the camera, taking off mittens and exposing hands to the bitter cold...something like.........

........... a giant pink deer balloon!

Ralph Lauren window display

I met this strange guy

keeping warm in the station pub under a complimentary blanket

gotta match your tasty slush to your outfits, It's a must!

We managed to get some shopping in and I got some magazines, beautiful natural wood tree decorations (for next year), cream knitted bow headband (see above pic), a pink vintage pea coat (see above pic, a better pic showing it's glorious beauty coming soon), very expensive and rare Violet perfume and these things......................

Junko Mizuno figure. I bought 3 boxes and it was the old don't know what you are getting game. 2 of the boxes were the twins I already had, neadless to say I was mardy for a whole aftrnoon but I was happy with this one!

Tiny moomin figures! yey I love moomins. I wish I had bought another packet too, because I don't like leaving things in their packaging, and this so lovely I don't want to rip it when i release the little guys.

Kid Robot have brought out new shapes in the mini series and this is Raffy, I can't wait to paint him up good, maybe using the giant pink balloon deer as inspiration.

We also went to the Tate gallery to see an exhibition on pop art and culture. My favorite part was by Takashi Murakami, which featured some of his pieces and a music video he shot of  manky Kirsten Dunst (I was busy that weekend) prancing round Tokyo in super happy fun fruit wear........................................

....which reminds me, I was lucky enough to receive this plate for Christmas.......


In the tate gift shop I bought these cards from the kids section, which was a hundred times better than all the boring adult stuff!

Right I'm off to go eat more Toblerone...for strength, to stop me perishing in the arctic climate!

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