Monday, 4 October 2010

Snail Trail

I couldn't resist this little guy for 1.99 in a charity shop. He can be a little friend to the owl plant pots .


Joey's Dream Garden said...

He IS cool! :D Worth every single penny, all 199 of them! You know what, I went around 21, that's right, 21 charity shops (Ecclesall Rd, Broomhill, Crookes, Walkley, Hillsboro) and got hardly anything, well just some vintage linens and a cute little owl. you must have a special radar for the lovely things.
Joey x

mangocheeks said...

He is awesome. Be fantastic as a summer vase too.

Charley said...

Hi Joey,

It is rare to get a gem from a charity shop round sheffield now :(

Charley said...

Yes he would be good as a vase for flowers I never thought of that!

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