Sunday, 25 July 2010

The birthday gift bonanza continues

Another present arrived in the post.....
....EEk it's a Yuki 7 print by Kevin Dart. I absolutely love his illustrations and wish I was a Yuki 7 girl.
My friends Sarah and Joe came over for tea and (too many) drinks the other night and we exchanged birthday gifts, as our birthdays are only 4 days apart. She got me the cutest brush and mirror set from Paperchase. My Mum also got me some things from the same range in Paperchase a Giant sketch book and folder.

This weekend we went down to visit my brother who lives in Cheltenham and he gave me some brilliant gifts.....
The Print&Pattern book, which is amazing, jam packed full of all my favorite surface patten and textile designers and is really inspiring.

He also got me these DVDs....

....and this FujiFilm instant camera!...What a great Brother.

Well while everyone else seemed to be treating me, I decided to treat myself and bought myself this mug by Lotta Kuhlhorn. I have had my eye on her things for aaaages here, but they are always sold out, so when I spied her mugs in a nice little shop called 'Pod' in cheltenham I just had to have one!

I also bought myself this months Computer Arts Projects magazine as it is their annual Character Design issue.
Phew! It has defiantly been the best birthday ever this year!


McBean. said...

Toooo many drinks :( And my presents are in limbo.

Joey's Dream Garden said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you got some super-duper prezzies! I love that print & pattern book, have you seen Bowie's blog, it's dead nice. Oh and have you seen that there's a Paperchase concession opening in Waterstones on Friday! :D I'm going to be in there buying stickers after work!

Charley said...

Hi Joey,

Thanks and thanks for the comments. For some stupid reason I cant click on any of the links or comment on your blog, I think my computer has gone wappy as a few things are playing up....anyway I love the flags, they are a great idea and look so cute, I want to go to Cornwall and build a sandcastle and stick pretty flags in right now.
Thanks for the heads up on the Paperchase concession, I had no idea. Glad there is one in town, yipee.
I love the Print&Pattern blog it is a daily peek for me. Am I right in thinking you have been featured on there before?


Anonymous said...

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