Thursday, 22 July 2010

Also on my wall...

Last week I got around to framing some pictures that I have been meaning to do for ages. One of my favorites is this huge poster by Tado. I first came across their work when I impulse bought some cereal in Sainsburys due to the cute packaging, and later found out it was designed by Tado. I also found out they are a Sheffield based company, what a small world.


AGURI said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and thought you might like an animation called 'yan-yan, Machiko' (やんやんマチコ)

Sorry, characters speak Japanese, but the design is really cute.

Hope you like :)

Charley said...

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the link...I LOVE THEM!

Thanks again for letting me know about these cute little chaps.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Cute kawaii designs, made in SHEFFIELD? How can this be? And why don't we see their designs EVERYWHERE in Sheff? People just don't have good taste, do they? ;-)
J x

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