Friday, 3 September 2010

I'm off again!

Tomorrow we are going to Spain for a week! This could be a last chance to wear some pretty summer dresses as I sense a chilly Autumn is soon on it's way.
I shall leave you with a picture of goodies harvested last week from the allotment, and a picture of me and my friend Sarah which makes me laugh. Bye for now x


Princess and the Pea said...

You'd like my friend Sarah, she is also a fan of my little pony!

Have fun in Spain, I'm in south of France at the moment and the weather is certainly a lot warmer here than it was in Sheffield when we left (30 degrees every day!)

Kat x

Alessandra said...

What a cute blog... and nice veggies!

Charley said...

Thanks Kat,

I have never been to the south of France but have always wanted to go, hopefully I will get there one day.


Charley said...

Thanks Alessandra!


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