Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Charity Shops I missed you

However good the shops in Tokyo, as far as I'm concerned you still can't beat the thrill of finding a gem in a charity shop for peanuts in good old blighty. I didn't come across any charity shops in Japan, I don't think they have them, and the Vintage shops were stupidly expensive, so you can imagine how excited I was to find these little gems when I wandered  round the charity shops on my dinner break from work yesterday........
 I love this 1960s tray and it was only 1.49

This 1950s plant trough was 5.00 and is perfect to go outside my front door,
I just need to get some pretty plants to put in it now.


Joey's Dream Garden said...

Ooh I love the tray! Very nice. Please may I ask, which charity shop did you get these from? Used to be a right good one on Pond Street, but it closed...
NO charity shops in Japan? What do they do with all their old stuff? Don't tell me they just chuck it?! Noooo!

J x

Louise Elizabeth. Textile Designs ♥ said...

I love that tray - delicious colors - good enough to eat the tray never mind eat off it!!


Charley said...

The tray is definitely a beaut!
I work on the outskirts of Leeds and there are 4 charity shops within striking distance of my office. The best one by far is Age concern (where I got the tray}. I used to work in Help the Aged in Crookes and find that these ones have the best stuff as old folk tend to donate their stuff to them.
The one on Pond Street was good, There used to be a cat shelter one on Middlewood Road that was the best, but that shut too :(
all the others seem to get picked over too much.

Charley x

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