Friday, 25 December 2009


I'm kicking off today's Christmas blog with a photo of my first Christmas. It's 1978, here I am with my mum and favorite red monkey in Canada, where we lived for a year.... on to the good stuff, presents! I have had some real gems this year, here are my favorites.......

EEEk! It's only a My little Pony designed by Junko Mizuno! It really doesn't get any better than this!


These Books are amazing I love them. The graphics are beautiful. 2 have discs with them containing more lovely patterns, and I got a subscription to my one of my favorite magazines 'Clutter', and 2 back dated copies.Yipee

You will have to wait to see my all time favorite most special gift, as I have to wait to receive it. It is a handmade item that hasn't been finished yet, but I have had a peek and it's beautiful!

Today has been a lovely family day with eating, drinking and some snoozing! I hope you have all had a wonderful day too xxx

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Louise Broomhead said...

Merry Christmas Charley - beautiful presents :)

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