Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Finds

Today was a good day for Charity Shop treasures. I got a yellow ceramic, dressing table trinket  tray thing, which the lady wrapped up so nice, I didn't want to unwrap, and as I am moving soon I am waiting to display it in it's full glory. I saved a vintage fur Muff (fake of course!). I am not allowed it until next week, as it is part of a display and have to wait till the local 'Best Christmas window display' has been judged! hee hee.
I also got  some amazing old  kitsch Christmas cards and Baubles which I am going to post on here in December. I have decided to do a blog advent Calender, so every day in December leading up to Christmas I am going to post a lovely Christmassy pic.
Oh yes and I also got 2 vases this is one of them, it's so bad it's good!

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