Sunday, 11 October 2009

Keeping Busy

I have been experimenting with new colours for my Angelfairies.........

....and with the packaging. It's tricky because they are quite delicate, but I think I found the perfect solution, these great hexagonal clear boxes....

....There has also been more card making. I needed to replenish my supplies of these little guys as they seem popular....

On Saturday I did a mini craft fair run by CraftCandy at bungalow and bears. It was really well organized and loads of people came along. The whole thing had a really nice vibe about it. I had fun and it was nice to see the CraftCandy team and some familiar faces from the last one. A big thankyou to everyone that bought something.

I am in a magazine! This months 'Sew Hip'. Lucia from CraftCandy wrote an article on Sheffield and it's crafting creative side, and they used a photo of me and my stall from the last CraftCandy craft fair. Shame I look like a demented grinning crazy person!

Yesterday I updated my etsy shop and listed some new Noobs, Giant Noobs, Noobs cousins, Big heads and Phone holders including this little guy.

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